ZMM Nova Zagorais striving for more than a four decade to achieve absolute quality in its processes and products and positioning the company as a reliable international supplier.

Each stage of the process, from the review of the order, design, purchase and receipt of materials, the supervision of suppliers and the subcontracted operations, manufacturing in all of its stages, including the final control and sale, is reviewed and controlled in accordance with the most demanding internal procedures and specifications of the Quality Management System under the ISO 9001 Standard.

Production and quality processes are subject to continuous revision and improvement while continuously performing internal and external audits.


  • Quality - the responsibility of all employees of the company.
  • The main role of CEO of the company - a guarantee for quality of production
  • Smart people learn mostly from the mistakes of others.
  • By increasing the qualifications of all staff - solving the problems of quality.
  • Updates and investment in quality - the key to competitiveness.
  • Quality management - preventing errors rather than debugging.
  • Loyalty to all  customers and suppliers.
  • Constant contact with the client.
  • The desire of the client - obligation of every employee of the company.
  • Quality is not the result of sanctions but a set of responsibilities.