Production and technological capabilities

Production and technological capabilities

The available universal and specialized equipment in the company provides the following production and technological options:

  • Gear-wheels, shaft gear-wheels and chain gear-wheels

      Cylindrical Gear-wheels with straight and skew teeth with involute profiles from Mo 1 to Mo 6

              • Quality 5 by DIN 3961

              • Exterior diameter from 30 to 500 mm

Chain gear-wheels with Step from t=3/8" to t=1"

Tooth-belt pulleys with profile HTD and step 8 mm



  • Axes, shafts - smooth and spline

diameter from 20 to 150 mm

length from 150 to 800mm,

straight-sided (4,6 and 8) splines

involute splines with α=30⁰

  • Prismatic body parts

max length to 800 mm,
width to 400 mm and height to 400 mm.

  • Heat treatment of metals in a controlled atmosphere
    • Sealed Quench Chamber Furnaces with maximum dimensions of details to:
      • height to 400 mm
      • width to 800 mm
      • length to 400 mm.
    • Pit Furnaces with useful space dimensions Ø 800x1200 mm.
    • Max dimensions of parts for Induction Heat:
      - for type shaft: diameter to 100 mm and length to 800 mm
      - for type disk: diameter to 300 mm and length to 30 mm
      - hole: diameter to 60 mm and length to 100 mm